Cumberland Inlet represents one of the most consummately positioned developments available in Georgia. The 1,298 acres of property development grants those the opportunity to be perfectly positioned against the St Marys River and enjoy a lifestyle focused on luxury while respecting and valuing the environment.




Remaining true to the mission at Jacoby Development, the land in which Cumberland Inlet development is poised upon, has been reused in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner, creating a harmonious relationship between nature and infrastructure.

The development boasts easy access to a broad range of transportation methods, easy access to state highways, and is within close proximity to Jacksonville International Airport. While residents enjoy a sense of community within Cumberland Inlet of unparalleled quality, they will also enhance their connection to nature and the broader world.

A world-class, upscale recreational vehicle park will enable residents of Cumberland Inlet to remain connected with tourists, welcome them to their community, and provide a strong source of revenue for residents who choose to occupy some of the commercial land available.

Cumberland Inlet aims to be a center for tourism with allocated areas for filming and EcoTourism/AgriTourism, which capitalizes on the immaculate scenery available compliments of the St Mary’s River.

Cumberland Inlet is located miles away from the Kingsbay Naval Submarine Base, making our accommodations excellent for anyone looking for a place to live who is new to town and may be interested in the military. There will be 1,600 single-family units, as well as townhouses and workspaces, available for rent.

Throughout the expansive development, designs and sourced materials reflect the perpetual sustainability focus at Jacoby Development. Residents of Cumberland Inlet gain the opportunity to live an ecofriendly life while being perfectly poised amongst high-end, strategically positioned land.

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