Built in 1938 as Marine Studios, Marineland has a long history as the world’s first Oceanarium. Marineland was a tourist hub from the 1940’s to the 1960’s that won the hearts of many tourists, enough to then get recognized as the #1 Visitor Attraction of Florida. Located less than 300 miles from all metro areas in Florida and with direct access to the Matanzas river, Atlantic Ocean, Faver Dykes State Park, River to Sea Preserve and the Matanzas State Forest, Marineland was created as a typical example of a relaxing getaway in Florida. Now, the Town of Marineland development will span 37 acres and serve as an eco-tourism paradise and aid the local scientific community



Originally designated as “Florida’s First Remarkable Coastal Place” by the state’s Department of Community Affairs, Marineland is conveniently located to serve as the ideal spot for relaxing, hiking and other activities, all just a stone’s throw away from the major metro cities of Florida. What began as an opportunity to provide people with the chance to get up close and personal with marine life, eventually evolved into the first step towards eco-tourism that featured short-term experiences like the Marine Dolphin Adventure for tourists and long-term options such as the Oceanfront homes, Vacation village homes and Residences in Hammocks, designed for those who desired to call Marineland their home.

At 37 acres of underdeveloped land, Marineland has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1986. Now, after 80 years of its existence, Marineland is ready to be developed as an eco-tourism paradise. The Town of Marineland is all set to feature 241 residential units, 35 condos or 70 beachside hotels, a town center and 50,000 s.f. commercial along with the potential of 300+ more units.

The development will also be accompanied by the Marineland Marina, a cruising destination located between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach in Florida. It is noted as a must-see spot for all those cruising through the intra-coastal waterway in north-east Florida, featuring a Marina building with showers, restrooms and laundry and 20 new slips of concrete floating docks and more.

In addition, the developmental plan will be accompanied by the Whitney Lab expansion that is poised to become a 25,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility, built to benefit the scientific community and the people who live in the vicinity. The Whitney laboratory employs 70 researchers and staff. The Lab represents the potential to partner with various other educational and research institutions.

The Town of Marineland will be an adjunct to the Marineland Dolphin Adventure, operated by Dolphin Discovery, which takes inspiration from the original Marineland to create an ocean-themed adventure featuring up-close encounters with dolphins, sea excursions, eco-tours of the Matanzas river, a conservation field station, and spaces for community functions such as weddings and other special events. Marineland is perched on the precipice of a comeback and this time, it promises to be more than an Oceanarium.


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